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orthopaedic surgery


arthroscopy key hole surgery

elbow arthroscopy key hole surgery dog ireland

elbow dysplasia

vet-arthroscopy-shoulder ocd-dog

shoulder arthroscopy dog- ligament injury

stifle arthroscopy dogs

hip arthroscopy dog

spinal surgery

total hip replacement in dogs ireland

fracture repair

articular fractures

luxations/ dislocations

joint surgery

hip dysplasia triple pelvic osteotomy tpo

TPLO for cruciate ligament rupture in dogs

menicial injury in dogs

physiotherapy & hydrotherapy

case selection- lameness

case selection- spinal

anaesthetic monitoring


radiology (digital x-ray)

spinal xray myelogram

GSDA A stamp

elbow score

hip score

hip score guide for owners



spinal surgery explained



Orthopaedic referral service

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